Friday, April 4, 2008

Hooking again

This quilt square stuff is fun! So small that they only take a short time and then you're done. And, best of all, no binding to do. Have I said how tedious it is to finish projects?
Anyway, this block is called Bear's Paw and I have taken this quite literally, I think. Even though it's a geometric pattern, I obviously haven't given up my need for pictorials. I had this lovely brown tweed which is so like our brown/black bears on the west coast. The gray for the claws is kind of nifty, too. I originally chose it because the tweediness gave it a flinty quality that seemed to work for a claw. Then, as I was hooking it, I noticed a small thread of dark red. Now, it really makes me smile.
The green 'background' is a lovely piece of green tweed that has all kinds of meaning for me. There's blue for the sea & sky, green for the trees and grass, brown for earth and bark. I'll be so sad to use all this one up.
When you hook with recycled fabric strips the resource is not quite renewable. But, then, I wouldn't want to have anything but the endless variety of fabrics that are available. I actually can't imagine hooking with only wool fabric purchased by the bolt and dyed. That's fun to do, for sure, but I like the little surprises - like the red thread.

Oh, yeah, this is square #4. What I have pictured is one corner of the square. There are actually four 'paws'

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