Monday, April 21, 2008

Snowy Saturday

We had a surprise of snow on Saturday morning! Plans for going to the early garage sales were scrapped and we just made a slow start towards the Antiques and Collectibles fair at a local church. Lots of people in line when we got there. Of course, we had to stop for a coffee and a stroll through the village because we thought we had tons of time. And as we stood waiting for the doors to open, the line grew longer and stretched down the street. Not such exciting stuff but it was interesting to see how it all worked. Which was really our purpose in going. Research, we call it.

After that, we decided to randomly visit garage sales that we found on the way home. Found this lovely angora/wool sweater in a sage/white mix that I soon had frogged and skeined. That niddy-noddy is so handy to have - thnaks, Wendy! The yarn is so fuzzy - there's hair all over my corduroy pants. That is not the best outfit for working with angora. This morning, I washed it and was able to put it outside to dry. Have no plans for it yet; so just into the stash for now. What's with all the green yarn I'm attracted to right now?

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