Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday Stash

Welcome to the slipper factory!  That's what I have felt like for a week of knitting.  The shelves were bare of slippers at the seniors' craft sales and I thought it would be a fun challenge: how many pairs of slippers can I knit in a week?

This many...

And one pair more that I finished after I took the  first photo.  I started off making only the easy Grandma-type slippers that are the style usually on offer and which are popular.  But, as my daughter predicted, that became mind-numbing.  So I trolled around for a few more quick patterns.  This pattern wasn't as quick as the first ones because they use a worsted weight instead of chunky.  But they have cables and kept my interest for two more pairs.

These were the fastest!  A couple of hours with bulky yarn and big needles made a pair.  But I was too lazy to repeat it.  Besides, the week was up.

And, so I can show it off...the little jumper for Katie was finished before I began the slipper knitting.  I wish that I could make myself one as it looks like a cosy thing to wear on a cold winter day. I love how it turned out. And it used up a lot of the blue yarn which is the whole point here.

That's all for today...back to the knitting.  I'm using up a bag of Snowflake in pink, brown, blue and navy. You can see the results of this stash-busting next week.


Joyful said...

Well done!

Angie said...

Just the thing needed here in chilly West Oz! Love that little dress!

Mimi said...

Katie's dress is gorgeous! And it does look comfortable (important in my book!)
Well done on all the slippers Stephanie. You've had a productive week.

Sue H said...

Slippers are the last thing I'm thinking of in the current heatwave hitting the UK - but well done, you, for being so productive!

SquirrelQueen said...

That's a lot of slippers, I'll bet you did feel like a factory production line. I love that adorable little jumper.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Stephanie, I'm just catching up. This summer has been crazy and I keep feeling so far behind! Your needles have been FLYING. So many great projects. I love. love. love that little dress. Beautiful job. Wishing you a wonderful week. blessings ~ tanna


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