Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday Stash

So, this week a first!  I have actually found a yarn that I will not knit again.  Ever.  I had a bunch of Sirdar Snuggly Snowflake in several different colors donated to me.  There was enough pink and brown to make a decent size baby blankie.  I started and slogged through about half before I decided to try something smaller

like this tiny hoodie that looks like an Ugg sweater.  I ran out of blue just as I was down to the last two rows of the hood.   The Ugg look came when I had to add some 'decorative' brown rows on the hood back.  Why not just carry on?   In the end, I frogged the blankie, rewound the yarn and set it aside to donate to the thrift store.  Someone else will love it, I'm sure.

I finished this Tulip cardi for the donation shelves, as well.  I didn't fudge the fair isle this time since there was only a little bit really.  I had to frog the first attempt because my 'color eye' temporarily deserted me.  Usually I can get the colors right but the first try I had too light a green and it was unbalanced by the vivid tulips. So, I did the bottom band all again - just for practice.

The slipper maker was in danger of going barefoot herself this winter.  Two years ago, I made a pair of felted clogs that I loved.  This spring they started to show signs of wear and yet I kept on with them.  It wasn''t so cold that a few tattered bits mattered.  But the tatters grew into holes and they wouldn't have done me any good at all later this year.  I dug out some Lopi and created these which turned out pretty well.  The pattern calls for a doubled strand of yarn but I found the heavy yarn worked just as well. This is how they looked before felting. 

It's always funny to see these big floppy articles transform into such a beautiful - and useful - fabric. I was a tad worried about the felting (although not enough to change yarns) because the black and the brown were different kinds of Lopi.  As you can see, it all worked out.  And because I like things just a little fancy, I put a line of pink yarn against the black.  That's my favorite part.   Now, I'm ready for winter. Well, maybe there are few more 'nuts ' to store away before then.  I may even make some more felted slippers.  Got some yarn. 


Annie said...

Hi Stephanie. What a stash of goodies to enjoy today. Love the little hoodie. I have a few baby sweaters I made way back when that are perfect for newborns. They are so fun to make. Love the slippers. I should give that a try. But, I so love going barefoot that I probably would rarely wear them.

Angie said...

Love those felted slippers!

Mimi said...

All this week's stash are beautiful! I don't think I could pick a favourite, tho I guess the thought of a baby in that ugg snuggle is tempting!
Is there a pattern for the knitting of the felted clogs? Kinda fancy trying that before the summer ends...

Joanna said...

I just love those felted clogs. What a transformation.
Hope you're enjoying our fab weather.

Empty Nester said...

Just scrolled through the last few posts and I'm just never going to understand this talent of yours! Your knitting abilities are just off the charts! I do love those last slippers in this post--I think they are my favorites!


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