Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday's Shoebox

As you see, I have changed the title of these posts which used to be Fifty Fridays.  I think the numbers were intimidating in a way and it made me feel guilty if I missed a week - or month - of posting.  So, here we have a new title for a new year and a slightly different project. 

Last week, I dug out the box of photos due to technical difficulties.  Like many solutions to challenges, the result was a happy one for me.  I discovered a whole box full of pictures that didn't make it through the scanner.  Some are more recent but most are not.  So, my plan is to dig through this pile and just take a snap of a snap. I think this reflects how I feel when I look at them.  The memories are hazy and need a lot of prodding to get them into some kind of sharpness. 

Last week, I enjoyed the expressions on the faces in the various photos and I have found some more with priceless expressions.  Starting with the old...

This is me sometime before my first birthday.  It's pretty clearly summer and I'm sure those flowers in the long grass were pretty.  I am being held by my Aunt Myrtle who was actually my Mom's aunt.  But how I am studying her so intently.  Have I never seen glasses before?  Is she squeezing me too tight?  I don't know exactly where the photo was taken but I am assuming Pugwash, NS just because that's where she lived. 

And skipping forward to another little one: my younger son when he was very new.  That's his Grampa (my Dad) holding him.  He looks pleased but awkward at the same time.  You'd never know he'd held a baby before, would you?  His big brother and cousin are giving him the once-over and are clearly interested.  But he's not really much of a playmate yet.  I'm sure they were somewhat disappointed in his inability to get up and run with them.  

Decorating note:  don't hate me for the awful brown stripes behind.  Yikes!  It's a testament to my mother's love of what she called 'earth colors'. 

Come back next week....there's lots more in that box.


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Hey, Stephanie! Just trying to catch up myself after being MIA, too. You WERE looking VERY intently at your great Aunt Myrtle!! Cute as a button, I might add! blessings ~ tanna

Angie said...

The shoebox - full of wonderful memories.

Empty Nester said...

Maybe you were looking at something in the distance to the right of your aunt and it just looks like you're looking at her? Either way, you are most certainly curious about something. :)

Susan Kane said...

Oh, the earth tone era! Burnt orange, avocado green, autumn gold...My photos have those too!


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