Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fashion file

The other day I was given a stack of those sewing magazines that are linked to the pattern companies. Plus a couple of recent issues of Threads - none older than summer '07. I could feel my sewing fingers itching to get at fabric and start making clothes. I haven't sewn for myself in a lot of years. Lifestyles change and I haven't needed to have a lot of clothes. So, I sewed a few things for the little girls I knew and dressed some dolls. These were small projects and helped me retain the skills I had learned.
But now, oh, wow! There are fabulous fabrics and lovely patterns. AND, so many are available in plus sizes. I always figure I'll lose weight and then I'll get some clothes. But, the stuff on the racks is never as nice (or just what you want) as those you could make yourself. Maybe, I'll get some patterns. Although fabric may have to wait a bit - that stash is pretty big. If nothing works, maybe it's time to give it away and start over LOL
The next trick would be to find the time. I could probably eliminate a couple of TV shows - not a lot worth watching at the moment. Dreaming, as usual...

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