Thursday, May 15, 2008

Play day

This play day turned into an 'odd job' day. I had plans but they evaporated yesterday when my play buddy had to go to Ontario. Then a quickly hatched plan B was a bust, too. So I just took care of a bunch of things that had to be done like laundry and shopping. I spent a big chunk of time trying to memorize my Mandarin words and practice writing the characters. That was fun even though I'm pretty bad at it. My teacher is not so very strict so I'm sure my efforts will be appreciated. My goal is to be able to write as quickly as she does. Aim high, right? Right now speaking is better than reading and writing. Which isn't saying a whole heck of a lot.

I was doing my version of calligraphy outside today under the scented rhododendron with big fluffy pink flowers. They always remind me of those tissue flowers we used to make to decorate the wedding cars. The downside to this rhody is the sticky bits that drop off the tree when the flowers fall . Walking over them gives you an extra sole on your shoe. But once the clump of sticky stuff has been pulled off your foot they're not sticky at all. Weird.

I'll post some pictures when the camera comes home.

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