Wednesday, May 14, 2008


The house has been so quiet that I've been spending a lot of time reading. I'm trying to whittle down that pile by the bed. And reading and rug-hooking are not very compatible. But, I took these pictures last week of my current project.
This is the second Upper Canada stone house rug. I sold the first but A liked it so much I promised to make another. It's a copy of one we saw in Upper Canada Village a couple of summers ago. The docent at the farmhouse let me in to the roped off area to take photos of the only two hand hooked rugs that I saw in the whole place.
This one is quite different from the first and the house is on it's second version. I just couldn't get the stone walls to match my vision so I pulled the first one out and reworked it with different wool. I'm sort of OK with it but it's still not perfect. I like the blue sky which also reminds me of the St Lawrence River. I like the ambiguity.

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