Saturday, May 31, 2008


No garage sales today...still running on last weeks adrenalin rush with this amazing find. Just an old play kitchen you say?
Sometimes, we get requests from those who know we are chronic shoppers. Last week's was a play kitchen - if we could find one. Nothing fancy as it was to stay outdoors anyway.
I must have had that image burned onto my inner eye. As we were drifting in and out of the many garage sales there were last Saturday morning, I was always looking for toys. No luck, though, as it was a particularly toy-less day. Maybe they're all in use over the summer and we'll see lots more in the fall?
Rushing from one to another - we had to be all done by 9.30 to get on to the next activity - we were driving down a back lane with our eyes on the prize. We could see the cars all stopping ahead which usually kicks up the excitement a notch. When I saw, from the corner of my eye, a sign that said FREE STUFF and a pile of junk beneath it. Just leaning against a garage and all dirty with road dust and rainwater. My unconscious brain registered a play kitchen and just flipped onto it's own path. Stomping on brakes, flinging open the door and running to grab this thing. Maybe the owner will step out from behind the garage and yell at ya. A. was still struggling with the idea that I'd stopped way before I had to and what the heck was I doing anyway? When we had hauled the thing into the car and started up again, I realized that I had managed to turn off the engine and pull the e-brake but I was still in gear with the keys inside!
But, here is our trophy - scrubbed up real good, didn't it? We added some dishes, a pot and a doll to sit in the highchair and it was good to go. Hours of play have already been enjoyed and dgs seems to like pizza-making for the dolly.

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