Sunday, June 1, 2008


It's probably kind of obvious to think of bloggers as being part of a village. But I was thinking this morning, what kind of villager am I? Once a day, I like to go around the 'main street' catching up with the people in my blog village. But do I really? Walking around would seem to imply that there is a shared acqaintance. But really, that's far from true. Most of the blogs I read have no idea who I am and frequently don't even know I read them. So I came to the conclusion that I was like the person who rarely goes out and who instead observes most her neighbors as they walk around the village on their daily rounds. But since it's not possible to have relationships with everyone you know, I'm happy to interact with a very few and keep reading the blogs that amuse or enlighten me.

Just so I get what's going on here.

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