Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More shoes, please

Barbies are always losing their shoes. Maybe they think shoes grow on trees. I have a whole tray full of shoes and boots to complete the costumes of the restored Barbies. I have lots of clothes: tops and bottoms, ball gowns and swimsuits. I can make their hair look fashionable even though it may be matted and frizzed. But I spend hours pawing through the shoe stock. Yesterday, I needed white heels - or pink, if no white - and up came 8 white shoes. Not one matched another. I had 5 pink shoes and not one matched. What do these young women do with the other shoe? Do they leave it at Ken's house and cab it home with just one shoe? Do they imagine that Ken will come calling round with the missing shoe and propose a lifetime of bliss?

But I can't just throw out all the singles. When new donations of dolls arrive there are always stray shoes. And, sometimes, one or two match some singles I have. Somehow, it all works out eventually. Maybe that's what Barbie is hoping for, too.

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