Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kids are great!

Babysitting has its pleasures. We buried some old bits of costume jewelry in the sandbox for Becky & Charlie. It was fun to watch them carefully sift the sand and discover the treasure. The old ladybug sandbox is getting pretty crowded, though. When we bought it, there was only one very small girl to sit in it. How will three kids play here?

Then we had a rousing - and very noisy - game of catch with buckets and a football. I'm sure our cheers were heard all over the neighborhood. We should have been on 20 acres instead of in a city back yard. We all improved as the game progressed and we graduated to a soft spiky ball that required a bit more skill because it was bigger and floppier. Then, the ultimate challenge: a little ball with a cloth tail attached. It was quite erratic in its flight pattern and rarely hit the buckets.

Before we were all too tired to work, the compost bucket had to be taken to feed the worms. The bracken ferns are really, really tall when you''re only 2 - or 4 - years old. But they struggled through the trail because worms need to eat just like them. Good thing Becky was still packing her shovel and could push those branches aside.
All in all, a successful morning. Naps all round in the afternoon.

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