Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Magpie ready to fly

The Magpie's Delight is finished! I love it! I am hoping that my model in SK sends me a picture on the bod. This just doesn't do the style justice. It's so swingy and feminine. Well worth any hassles I had with those silly sleeves. Like the pains of childbirth - all is forgotten when we see how beautiful is our creation. I would make this again...maybe just in one color for something a little more flexible.

And I have also finished the angora shrug. It's a bonus made with the frogged yarn from the garage sale - see Skeining post. I'm pretty happy with the pattern although due to yarn limitations (not enough), I had to change several elements. The sleeves are short and I would like to have made them long. I was stretching out the yarn as much as I could. At the end, I had exactly 10 inches of yarn left after seaming. This economizing had it's problems. I couldn't knot the yarn with long enough ends to weave in. So, I have some knots that aren't very pretty. All hidden on the inside - I hope - but I wish they weren't there at all. Since it's too small for me, it goes to SK as well. It'll keep the summer drafts away.

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Paws on the Run said...

They look great! I looked up the Magpie's delight on Ravelry and I love it in a solid colour. It almost looks like a different sweater!


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