Saturday, June 21, 2008


Last night, our seniors' group enjoyed a Midsummer Fest dinner. The dinner was authentic Scandinavian fare of meatballs, potatoes and red cabbage. It was fabulous! And all made by one person - for almost 60 diners.

Then we were treated to an hour of mostly energetic folk dancing from the Scandinavian Dancers of Vancouver. All were in various Scandinavian country costumes - their little dog, too. The dancing was accompanied by two fiddles and an accordion. There were waltzes, schottisches, quadrilles and a kind of line dance. So many of the dances looked familiar, especially the schottische. I remember learning it in Grade 8 as part of gym class. And we actually did this dance at our school dances. Different times.
There were a couple of dances that were termed 'ancient dances' and were very prayerful. Slower, minor key music and simpler moves contributed to the contemplative feeling. It was a little like looking through a window to a faraway time when Midsummer was a joyous occasion with reverence as a solid foundation.
We all got a chance to participate in a simple circle dance which got more and more complicated as the music played on. From the smiles on people's faces, I think they were having fun. Even the dog got to dance a few turns. He looked quite pleased with it all.

The Scandinavian Midsummer Festival goes on all weekend in Burnaby...we're planning to take in some of the events tomorrow. Should be fun.

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