Saturday, August 2, 2008

August birds

That could be a play on words...or not. But some different birds have arrived in the garden today. Robins have returned from their high summer homes - the rowanberries are ripe. A whole flock was in the tree this morning happily munching on berries. I have heard that the fruit is intoxicating to birds but I'm not sure of that. I do know that they just sit around after gorging; too full to fly, I'm sure.

And a lovely little nuthatch was chowing down on sunflower seeds at the kitchen feeder. It looked up with keen interest as we were spreading peanut butter on a cracker inside the open window. But, while we smeared a bit on the window screen, the nuthatch did not do anything but look. Of course, we were left with the mess. Took ages to clean off the screen as every time you wash one side it spurts through to the other. That'll teach us!


deb said...

Great photos! Did you guys get a new camera?

I had a good laugh with the peanut butter story! Hopefully there won't be a squirrel trying to chew through your screen!

Paws on the Run said...

I laughed too about the peanut butter. An example of do first, think second! ;) Great picture of the nuthatch!!!!


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