Friday, August 29, 2008

Stayin' positive

This week has been one of goodbyes. CBC Radio 2 is changing all their programs next week. Good bye to Disc Drive and Jurgen Gothe which I've been listening to since it started in the 80's. I'm sure there was a program from him before that which was similar but maybe my mind is playing tricks on me. His cat stories always made me laugh and I was introduced to so many wonderful artists over the years.
Goodbye to Here's to You and it's previous incarnations as a request show. Shelley Solmes and, later, Catherine Belyea have provided a glimpse of folks in the rest of Canada and, occasionally, the US and Europe. I have learned so much more about classical music. I have even been able to make my own requests. What a beautiful gift to give - and to receive when others have thought of my special occasions.
Goodbye to Music & Co with Tom Allan. My drive to work was so much brighter. When I was working in the daycare, I could listen as the kids arrived. What a wonderful way to start the day - for them, too. And recently, I could crank the sound up and listen while I started my 'computer' day.

These programs have been part of every rug I've hooked. I will miss them and their hosts but I'm not abandoning CBC. I'll be there when the new schedule starts, hook in hand and I plan to keep learning and enjoying the music. Nothing stands still in life.

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