Thursday, August 14, 2008

Second chances

The beautiful green angora yarn has risen out of the frog pond and is rapidly becoming a princess. And I didn't even have to kiss it. I'm really happy with how this yarn knits up. Well, I was always happy with it but now I'm ecstatic. The angora is so light and soft it's like having a cloud on the needles. I'm dreaming of buttons ...what would be suitable for such light but regal yarn?
And, of course, a hooked mat is always a new life for so many garments. I seem to be obsessed with hit-and-miss at the moment. I keep experimenting with different looks. These big, raggy flowers remind me of Van Gogh and each one has at least 12 different types of fabric incorporated into the shape. Each stem and leaf has been done the same way. I'm into the background now and this will be a very controlled (only four fabrics) use of the technique. The flowers are controlled, too, but with more exuberance. My plan for the border is a striped effect using all the different fabrics that have been used in the rug. I am hoping that I can stick to hooking with random strips. Such a hard thing for a controlling soul to do...sigh.


Deb said...

Love the little cables on the knitting & LOVE all the bright colours in the rug. Beautiful!

Paws on the Run said...

I like the way the edges of the flowers jut out into the background. Very funky!


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