Saturday, September 20, 2008


I've been laboring with a new computer most of today. It's faster! And has lots of gadgets that I probably will never use but they're fun to never know when you're going to have to add footnotes or type up a bibliography. Well, I'm pretty sure I won't have to do that very soon.

Lots of panic when a password seems to be beyond my brain to find. So, then, I'm guessing and that's not working. But you really don't know whether you've messed up the password or the user ID because it's just a blanket invalid notice. So, one was right (maybe) but which one?
Keeping the old hard drive plugged in helped with these silly questions. And some errors are downright picky. If I hadn't found the answer, I'd never have hit on it in a million years.

Vista has a language that I can not understand. I think I'm happier with Mandarin! So something that I was completely familiar with on the old 'puter now has a new way of describing/explaining itself. So, hours of mucking about and clicking right, then left in the hopes of producing something that looks right. I'm getting the hang of it now and I'm actually pretty happy. Except for the 'permission' boxes whenever I do something a little off the regular path.

Oh, and I deleted a whole file of pictures before I caught myself. Yes, really deleted. But, with multiple photo storage sites in use, I'm sure I'll be getting almost all of them back from somewhere. I'm not too stressed about them.

Email was the hardest and that's all set up now. The printer is another issue but we'll get that sorted with the help of our guru, my ds. It seems that USB ports are all we get now. Our printer is so old (at least 10 years) and needs a parallel port. Tried to patch it with an adaptor cord - didn't work. So, now we'll probably create a printer server with the less old computer. But, I'm back, talkin' and playin' games. What else could I want?

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