Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rude awakening

Talk about crashing the party! Here's what woke up the neighborhood about 3 am. Apparently, I slept through the huge crash - but I quickly woke up to someone quietly asking if I'm awake. Go figure.

A pickup truck somehow managed to crash through the huge rhododendron (one of my faves) in the neighbor's yard, taking along a vine maple and some big log things which were lying under the trees. Then he crashed through our shared fence and came to rest in our garden. No one was hurt - the driver was able - and highly motivated - to try to escape. If only the truck could have backed up through all the debris.

The neighbor's camper had some minor damage. Of course, it only looks minor as it'll probably be a write-off the way insurance works. The truck is gone but we still have yellow tape all around so I guess it's a 'crime scene' now. The garden will recover and all we really lost were a few plants and a couple of hours of sleep.

Wasn't that a party?


Rosemary said...

Yikes, Stephanie, that's too close for comfort. Glad you are OK.

Paws on the Run said...



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