Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday Stash

 Happy St Patrick's Day!!  It will rain a bit on our parade today...and I know that there's some rain in Ireland, too.  Since my visit there a couple of years ago, my heart has stayed connected.  So, I have the Dublin weather report beamed to me via cyberspace. Just in case I need to know what to pack for an impromptu visit.  Wouldn't that be nice?
This has been a very long week and it was definitely not spent knitting.  I am up to my ears in constitutions and bylaws.  There are job descriptions to be posted and hiring committees to create.  Schedules of replacement help and a time table to be kept in place.  Whoof!  That's the hardest part.  You know, when you've been retired for a few years, you get quite used to your time being quite flexible.  But the first victim is not my time - it's my knitting! 

So, after my whine,  I present you with a finished project.  I took so long on these socks that I actually considered them hibernating. And, as all knitters know, an unwatched hibernation can quietly become a UFO.  These are my Sophisticated Lady socks.  I love the yarn with it's many shades of blue.  The pattern is my own and it's really comfortable to wear.  Not lumpy-bumpy at all. 

Not so fast to the finish line is the promised scarf made from one motif of the Leafy Baby Blanket pattern.  I'm using a shiny silvery blue yarn and just one 17-stitch pattern.  I didn't add the seed stitch borders and so the scarf will have some twists and bends as the pattern is created.  The yarn is quite drape-y  and I think the scarf will be pretty - when it's finished.

And, what would the day be without some green on the needles?  This is my Herb Garden stole.  It is very  slowly growing - I would like to have it done before the summer.  But "Que sera, sera" has to be my motto at the moment. 

That's roll call for this week.  Have a great, green day!



Rudee said...

It's all beautiful, but those socks are gorgeous! That's just the ticket to keep your feet cozy on a rainy day.

Enjoy your parade--raindrops and all!

Emille said...

Love that silver color of the scarf - it looks unique that way without borders! The socks - they look so much work, I wouldn't even start on these, although they look sporty and warm! But then your and Rudee's skills supersede mine:)

Mimi said...

Constitutions and byelaws, yuck!
Socks and scarves, yum!
Return visit here, yum!
Happy Paddy's Day!

EmptyNester said...

Love the socks. And I would love to give them a go. Except that I'd probably just make one. LOL

That green is so pretty! I can't wait to see the scarf! I looked at that leaf pattern. Too hard. Or maybe it was the sweater. :)


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