Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Stash

I'm sure you all must think I've gone for a very, very long walk away from Blogland.  Not so, and I have been reading but not always commenting since there is never enough time.  I have been re-learning what it was like to work every day.  And I have never looked forward to weekends so much in the past ten years as I am now.  It's nice being so busy but I feel guilty when I sneak in some of my fun stuff.  Here's what I've managed to fit in around writing letters, setting up work schedules and organizing annual reports and an AGM.  Oh, by the way, the trivia Quiz night was amazing!  We all had so much fun!  Now back to stash reporting...

 My 'Stalking the Irish Sea' socks are all finished.  And I'm wearing them today.  I couldn't wait to get them on my feet.  I love them!  The cables are perfect for socks.  The yarn is light yet warm - and that's still important here - and today's photo shows the blue more accurately.  Thank you so much, Catherine, for sharing that swatch of the Lismore Cable with us.  I'll get my pattern up on Ravelry as soon as I can - don't hold your breath, please!

The next item is guaranteed to prove that not everything I knit is a success.  Usually, I just frog the yarn and try something else but for some perverse reason I kept at this.  I started with a ball of this bright Shetland chunky.  What to make?  Slippers are always a good seller at the craft corner so I set out to find a pattern that was easy but wasn't the same old garter/rib design.  I happened upon these 4.5 Hour Slippers which I knew would never take me that long.  They didn't but I'm sure that most of the time estimate involved seaming.  I chose them for the stocking stitch but neglected to account for the fact that they were knit in two pieces and had to be sewn together.  No biggie, but just another thing to do.

Anyway, as you can see, they are not things of beauty.  I'm pretty sure the yarn has something to do with it and knew this long before the first piece was finished.  But, I just soldiered on.  In the hopes that beauty would emerge in the end?  I don't know why.  Then, horrors!  just as I was finishing the last one, the yarn ran out.  We're talking stash yarn here...there ain't no more.   Well, I'm in too far to abandon the project so I found something vaguely compatible and finished.  Sewn together, buttons added - they'll do to put in my suitcase for travel slippers. 

Gabby's pretty blue cardi is almost done.  I have one sleeve and the button bands to make.  Photo next week. 

Speaking of next week...Monday begins the A-Z Challenge.  I was a bit worried about participating because I've not been a very good blogger recently.  But I'm determined and I hope I'll be organized enough.   The challenge does mean a couple of changes for me and my blog life, though.  The Saturday Stash report will move to Sunday for the month of April since Sunday is the only day off for the Challenge.  My own Sunday Wonders will be suspended after tomorrow and will return in May. 

If you haven't signed up for the Challenge yet or just wonder what the heck it is, you can click on the logo in my sidebar.  There are over 1500 bloggers participating this year.  It's a great way to find new blog friends - and to get new followers.  And you will read some fantastic stuff for the month of April. 


Emille said...

love the colors of your travel slippers! Now that'san ide for my regular trips up North!

Ginny said...

I love these socks, the beautiful color, and the pattern is to die for!!!!

Mimi said...

Stephanie, I don't know how you think the slippers are not GORGEOUS. I love them! Really.
I know that feeling of tgif and all that, intimately in the last few weeks as it's been hectic.
So, I'll pass on the A-Z challenge other than reading your contributions, which I will enjoy.

Anonymous said...

The socks and slippers are wonderful. I look forward to see what words you will come up with next month. I could never manage to post for so many days in one month.

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

Your socks are to DIE for! Gorgeous! How I wish I was as talented as you! Happy A to Z!

Annie said...

Pretty. Perhaps not perfect but comfort trumps pretty any day and these look very very comfy.

Rudee said...

Hmmm....can't wait to knit those socks! They're stunning.

Catherine said...

Stephanie these socks are gorgeous - I am so glad to be the inspiration with sharing the cable but little did I think that they would turn out like that! I think the designer (Cyril Cullen) would be very impressed with the adaptation of his cable creation - taking it outside the box of the Aran jumper or cardigan! I can't wait for the Ravelry pattern although a part of me is tempted to try it from the actual cable pattern! Thanks for sharing, and it's a great way to get Lismore further on the map. Would you believe a lady came from Vancouver last summer for our Immrama festival and enjoyed it so much she's coming back this June! She couchsurfs with a friend of ours. Catherine xxx


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