Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Stash

This week's work looks like a study in blues.  And right now I'm hoping it can inspire more blue skies.  Spring seems to have sprung around these parts... finally.  YES!! 

So, today, I have for you one finished project:  the Silverleaf scarf is done and on her way to be a silky, shiny accessory for the person who buys it.  This isn't the greatest photo but I was so happy to see buds in the clematis that I needed to wind the scarf in the branches.  I was trying for a photo effect that didn't work very well.  I bet you can't even see the leaf buds. 

I have one and a half (almost) socks done in a perfect yarn and a perfect pattern.  Sometimes the universe brings ideas to a collision course that works out so well.  A few days ago, my friend Catherine swatched a vintage cable pattern that had a great story to go with it.  The design was created and used by cottage knitters in Lismore, Ireland.  You can read about it here if you want to know more.   I had been hoarding saving a plain blue sock yarn that was not a summery sky blue but more that of a cold northern sea.  Immediately, I'm thinking of our walks along the cliffs overlooking the Irish Sea.  I wanted a cable pattern - can you see the way ideas match up?  I made my own swatch and it is a wonderful design for socks.  Very simple but it looks intricate.  And it has a nice linear quality that works very well with the alternating ribs.  Having a history and a personal connection makes it all that much better.  I am so happy with these socks which are made for Stalking the Irish Sea

And I have two fronts of a new cardi for Gabby.  Since she is taking her work of growing very seriously, Grammy needs to make another sweater for her.  This blue yarn perfectly matches her beautiful blue eyes.  The pattern is easy and quick: Provence Baby Cardigan.  I think it should be finished before she grows too much more.  If you're wondering why I started with the front just put it down to the hazards of reading a pattern on the screen instead of a printed page.  I scrolled too far down and didn't see the back until after I'd started the lace design.  It did seem a little weird to start with the fronts but it's nice to break tradition now and then. 

Today, is a beautiful day and I'm going out to the garden.  Maybe this visitor will return to the neighbor's roof.  She was scouting the pond next door for fresh fish but there didn't seem to be much to get that day.  She had to go away with an empty tummy. 

Tonight I'm MC'ing a Trivia Quiz night at the seniors' center.  These are so much fun.  It's amazing how clever the answers get after a glass of wine.  We have a lot of laughs. 


ladydragonfly said...

Love the scarf but love the socks even more. I am so envious of your work. It's fantastic. Wish I could knit as well as I can crochet. I guess I will just have to settle for the crochet work.

Ginny said...

All of these are such beautiful blues!!! And I love your heron, how cool that you have one around there; he looks blue also...

Rose said...

Love all the blues! Each project is gorgeous! Funny how we all get on a color kick sometimes. Enjoy the trivia night, it does sound fun!

Angie said...

Have fun tonight!

Catherine said...

Stephanie the socks are truly gorgeous! I love the way you've incorporated the Lismore Cable and thanks for linking my blog to it. I will share it with the others in the knitting circle who made the swatch, and who are interested in the cable as many of our mothers made those Aran jumpers back in the 60s. So you have taken a bit of our past history and transformed it for the 21st Century. If you ever want to share the sock pattern I'd love to give it a shot. Would only work with a plain yarn, so I would need guidance with incorporating a cable design into socks as I'm only used to following a pattern!
Thanks again, Catherine xxx

Mimi said...

Stephanie, you'll definitely have to return to Ireland now you've got the right kinda socks!
The baby cardigan is adorable!
Another great stash week. Hope you had fun at the quiz, it sounds as though you would!

deb said...

LOVE the socks!

Rudee said...

Beautiful socks! The cables are captivating!


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