Friday, November 16, 2012

Ffty Fridays #15

Just showing up for the weekend.  That's me, these days.  Weekdays are pretty darn busy still.  But today may be the last stressful day for this year.  I shouldn't say that out loud, should I? won't tell anyone else, will you?

This is yet another of those family photos.  I remember this day quite well.  It was Easter and my sister's baptism.  And - a strange thing to me at the time - my father was also baptised.  He'd developed a grudging respect for the new minister.  All I remember about that man was that his face was extremely shiny with cleanliness.  He was somewhat aloof and definitely not someone who related well to children.

It was a happy day and I think that was because of the church activities.  This would have been very important to my mother.  And when my mother was happy, we all were.  Of course, it being Easter, my brother and I would probably be on a bit of a sugar high, too.

I remember the dress because it was made especially for Easter.  It was made from Dan River plaid cotton fabric.  This is important because it was apparently a fabric that was new to us.  I found a blog posting that tells a bit of the history of Dan River Cotton Mills.  Ack!! I can't make the link work.  Check out Quiltville's posting - you can google it.

Back to the dress.  It was soft greens and blues and I had a snazzy red plastic belt to go with.  Not sure which was more fun for me:  the belt or the three tiers in the skirt.  That dress had a wonderful spinning skirt. 

I think the ribbon in my mother's hand is from a little hat that my sister was wearing.  Her dress was pale yellow...funny the things you remember.  Ros wore a lot of yellow.  My mother was very conscious of what colors looked well on us girls.  I got the soft greens and blues....she got the yellows.  My brother escaped that kind of scrutiny. 

Off to prepare for a society general meeting that I am chairing.  It could be contentious. I am hoping that it will not be.  Then I will be free of this stuff for a week or so. 


Mimi said...

Lovely photo Stephanie, you all look so happy. Funny, I knew the colours of your dress before I read it, somehow even the black and white photo conveys them. It does look a fun dress to wear.
Hope all goes well (for you!) at the meeting!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Hope your meeting went well! I think the young ladies of today have truly missed out by not enjoying the splendor of swirling skirts!! Love this photo, Stephanie. blessings ~ tanna

Empty Nester said...

I remember Dan River cotton fabric! I heard about it all the time from my mother and grandmother. I think it was of quite good quality or else they wouldn't have mentioned it. I hope you didn't just jinx this being your last busy day!

Rudee said...

I keep waiting for weekdays to settle down, but they don't seem to want to do that for me. We should form a 'Can't Say No' support group.


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