Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday Stash

I did say that I had finished a couple of projects.  And I did.  Not near enough here to justify two weeks absence but there it is.  Ask me how many books I read in that time.  Sometimes, reading is better than knitting.  I have for you today two stash and two non-stash.  Two finished and two unfinished.  Balance in everything is important.

These are the knee socks for Becky.  She tried one on and it stayed up really well.  That was my constant worry..that the socks would fall down.  I have memories of knee socks always becoming bunchy ankle-socks by the time I'd walked to school.  They look very cute on. Great colors. This a very basic knee sock from Paton's.  You can find it here.

These are socks for me.  Red socks!  Oh, this Donegal-type yarn  knits up beautifully.  I  like the cabling although I did get lazy and just did the leg as a cabled pattern with the foot in the 2x2 ribbing.  Both of these are non-stash.

Does it qualify as stash if it's someone else's that they donate? Now I have some extra acrylic - pinky-lavender, aqua and white.    I almost always make something for babies or kids out of the acrylics.  If I had little ones to clean up after, I'd thank you for it.  Washable trumps fabulous fiber every time when it's for little ones.  So, I made a baby sweater from the aqua donation - with a touch of white.  It reminds me of whipped cream.  This pattern is very easy and fun to knit.

And, another kid's sweater with the white.  It's not capturing my attention this week...besotted with my red sock yarn! - mostly because it has Fair isle bits.  Ask me why I choose such a pattern when I don't like to knit it?  Well, I liked the look.  You will, too, if you click here for the pattern. 

Time to make some muffins and go visiting. 


Anonymous said...

Great projects once again, hard to pick a favorite. The aqua baby sweater is very appealing. Socks are great too.

Rudee said...

The blue baby sweater is adorable and the socks are quite lovely, too. I'm loving your red ones.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

You always make me feel like such a slacker, Stephanie! LOL! So many cute projects! blessings ~ tanna


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