Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Stash

Time for the knitting report.  It's not really stash as such this week. All four projects were worked with yarns that didn't come out of the original mountain supply.  I'm straying from my pledge - have been for a while now - and knitting what pleases me, or what's new at the moment or what I find in the stash cupboard that suits the purpose.  So, yes, I'm buying a bit of yarn here and there. 

This cool green thick and thin yarn followed someone home from the thrift shop.  Just one ball with less than seventy yards.  What to do?  I chose this quick - about an hour - hat pattern from Laurie Kimmelstiel which has enough textural interest to keep me happy and still show off the colors.  I didn't have a short enough circular or dpn set in the right size, so I knit it flat and seamed the back.  It worked beautifully, I think. Nefertiti enjoyed wearing it on the frosty morning I shot the photo. 

She needed a scarf around her neck as well.  Another refugee from the thrift shop,  this was a worsted acrylic with a lot of fluff and in the most gorgeous autumn leaves colors - oranges, rusty browns, red and green - not the washed out pink it appears here.  Think bright.  Again only one ball but it seemed to have a lot of yardage.  I doubled the strands, grabbed the BIG needles and knit up this wonderful scarf pattern from Nancy Kleiber.  I've made it before and it's really a joy to knit.  Only 15 stitches, reversible and ruffled on the ends.  The yarn made it so cushy and cosy that I could have kept it.  But these are not my colors so it joined the hat on the craft sale shelf.

I have one girl's knee sock finished. get to that second one. 

And, this is my guilty pleasure.  When I go out to Steveston each week, I stop in the village if the traffic allows me to be early.  I have a shop that stocks a good selection of sock yarn and it's fun just to browse even if I don't buy.  Last Tuesday, I shook up my routine and stopped at the other yarn store that I also like.  It stocks a lot of very nice yarns that are so much  fun to get touchy-feely with.  I know that their sock yarn selection isn't as good as the other so I felt pretty safe.  But, look!  I've never seen a Donegal-type sock yarn before.  It was red.  Oh, my, I was lost.  And, of course, I couldn't wait to start knitting it up.  Those whining UFO's will have to dry their tears and wait quietly. 

While in the store, I chatted with the woman in charge.  She  made a big fuss over a sweater I was wearing - the Tranverse Cardi - and  I was completely won over.  See how I had to buy that little ball of red sock yarn? Then, she told that she teaches spinning.  Hmmm...I will retire from the busiest part of my busy volunteer work in the coming year.  And I have a wheel that is waiting in a corner of the sewing room.   Is this an omen? 


Susan Kane said...

It seems that all of either quilt/knit/weave/sew/etc. have a stash. It's good to know. Love the hat!

Rudee said...

How can we help being smitten by yarn? Thick and thin yarns are particularly interesting.

You've been a very busy knitter and everything is, as always, very pretty!

deb said...

LOVE the hat! Good score. The tweed sock yarn is pretty cool too! Think spinning will be in the cards soon!

Anonymous said...

As always, a greeat assortment of projects to keep you from geting bored. Lovely items.

Mimi said...

Love the hat!
And I love your description of your visit to the yarn store, I was right with you, could feel the excitement as you touched the yarns. It is a simple, harmless (usually!) pleasure.
I'd say you're lining up a new activity for when your schedule clears a little, and I'd say "good on you", it's an omen for sure.
My daughter asked me just yesterday to knit a hat for her, she's joined the rowing club in college, and I think it may be breezy on the Liffey these days. I think your hat is an komen for me, and the sweet words "an hour" certainly appeal. Off to the stash box I go!

Tanna said...

The yarn in that first hat looks like a Malibrigo Rasta yarn I just used! It is so fun to play with the big stuff for something quick!!


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