Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday Stash

It's still Saturday, right?  I've been waiting...and waiting...for my batteries to charge up s I could take some photos.  I think I have to buy some new ones.  Yesterday, I put in what I thought were spares - and I knew they had been charged - only to have them die before the camera could even poke its lens out into the world.  So, I've been waiting.

I have a finished project!  Yes, I do.  The BFL Forever cardi is finally done.  Thirteen tiny buttons and a resew on the collar were what was standing in the way of success.  Last Sunday, I redid the collar.  It is still not totally satisfying but I can't do much else with it.   The wee buttons are just perfect - says me.  Thank you, Maria.  They were just ordinary buttons until we turned them over and saw the pink and green marbling on the back.  That made them work even better.  Now I'm happy.
And, I've almost finished this seamless pulli for some Little Explorer.  I'm using the Intrepid Pullover pattern by Katie Himmelberg. It isn't purple that's just my camera playing its color tricks again.  Really almost a navy blue.   It's a simple knit with just enough construction detail to keep me interested to see what comes next.  Stripes will do that for you whether they're colors or stitch variations.  It's headed for the donation basket when it's finished. 

Next week, I'll share the skirt I've just started.  And who knows what else will jump into the knitting basket by then?


Joyful said...

I do like both sweaters. I like those little buttons too.

Inger said...

Buttons make such a difference. I love both of these, you are so talented.

Annie said...

Love your cardigan with that sweet collar. Very unique.


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