Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday Stash

I may have been down for the count for a while but I never stopped knitting.  I worked away on my projects and managed to finish quite a few.  I'm not really a person who makes To Do lists but I seem to have some inner demon that whispers in my ear.  Not sweet nothings, no.  This demon speaks of UFO's and then reminds me of all the yarn there is in my little hiding places.  Even more seductive is the knowledge that there are so many gorgeous yarns in the shops.  I can't justify buying anything new so I won't even try.  But I sort of can justify a little buy when I've finished a few stash things. 

I used this pattern to make a tiny little apres-ski sweater for a very little person.  I used leftover sock yarns throughout.  You may recognize the yarn from the last pair of kid's socks that I knit.  When I finished the body I realized that I picked up the wrong ball of gray to complete.  So, the sleeves had to get the same half and half treatment.  Looks a little odd but in an OK way, I think. 

This little cardi was finally finished.  After making all sorts of alterations to the pattern, I ran out of steam.  I think my brain power was beginning to dwindle about then.  So, the project sat in a corner and sulked.  I finally picked it up, realized that the sleeves awere all I had left to knit and they were so easy.  So, snap!  All done. 

And this stash-buster is in the 'because I can' category.  I found this baby hat pattern while I was browsing through some magazines.  It's silly but it actually has some cute details.  I love having it sit on the desk and smile it's big fishy smile at me.  I will give it - and all the other stuff - away, though. 

So, now we come to the part where I get a reward.  I was looking for some sock yarn for my daughter and saw this pretty purple yarn.  It's part of the Patons FX series and I've knit them before.  But I must be a sucker for purple.   All the while I was knitting it, I kept thinking of that it should be called Fifty Shades of Grape.  So that's what I named the socks.  I used Ann Budd's Seduction Socks pattern which seemed quite appropriate on all sorts of levels.  I really like how they turned out. 

I still have my red socks to finish.  And I've started two shawls.  I'll save them for next week.  Who knows?  Something may actually get finished this week, too. 


Mimi said...

Fabulous socks! I love cables!
The little ski sweater and cardi are really cute, whatever little person gets to wear them is very lucky.
Glad you were still able to knit even though under the weather, you must have nearly no stash left by now??!

Stephanie V said...

Ha, ha, ha, Mimi! I have so-o much stash. I have inherited more since I down-sized and organized a couple of years ago. I'll just have to knit faster LOL

Anonymous said...

GIve yourself a pat on the back, all lovely pieces.

Empty Nester said...

LOVE all of it! Especially that hat! I've been down for the count too- and it sucks. Feeling much better now though. Glad to know you were feeling good enough to keep knitting!


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