Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday Stash

It's been a technicolor week in the yarn stash.  I have today two shawls that I would rather use as scarves.  Using all this color at once feels a bit like a binge.  I'm full of color; I'm overfull.  Kind of like looking at a garden of tropical flowers in the bright sunshine.  Gorgeous for a while but my temperate mind begins to crave some cool greens and blues. Probably comes from living too long on the west coast.

But that doesn't take away any of the glory in this yarn.  I wondered how all the colors would look in the eyelet lace and they do very nicely.  So this is my After the Storm shawl.  I used Beth Bradford's Sewanee pattern.  It was very easy to knit up. This is some stashed sock yarn.  So is the next...

Another many-hued sock yarn which I used for my lace in the Desert Shawl.   This is Shelly Delong's pattern,  Mairi.  Again, really easy.  The bottom scallops are made first and the body is knit up after you've got your long strip of lace.  And it's all garter stitch  - everywhere.  I love garter stitch because it's so cushy.  It has literally just come off the needles and isn't blocked.  I was nervous about the garter stitch and all these color changes - looks OK though.  I think I'll keep will make a nice warm scarf.

Not that I'm exactly pining for winter.  No, I'm just ready.  Maybe I'll wear it in the 'cold room' at Costco.  It's like walking into a fridge. I is a fridge. But when you're ready for summer fun and don't have your jacket, it's darn cold.   I'm always so happy to get out of there.

Now, I'm going to go digging  for some forest and ocean colors. 


Penny McKinlay said...

Love the bright colours - but then I also love the tropics!

Rudee said...



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