Friday, May 31, 2013

Fifty Fridays #38

I'm back...and catching up.  Slowly.  My absence started with a nasty little virus that brought me a cough.  That's it.  Just a cough.  But one that would attack unpredictably and with prolonged bouts of helplessness.  I  did manage to keep up with my commitments but my mental energy took a beating.  So blogging simply dropped off my radar.  Thanks to those who took the time to ask about my absence.  It's nice to know I'm missed. 

Digging into the digital shoebox to find the perfect photo, I came up with this one of me as the young mom with a hideous cold.  There are tissues and Vicks at the ready on the table.  I seem to remember that there was a hot toddy involved somewhere.  That memory is probably fuzzy for a good reason LOL  But can you see that I have my own personal nurse?  I do remember how good she was to me.  I was 'read' to and tissues were fetched.  And I never had a lonely moment.  I think it was actually the only way this mom could look after her little girl that day. 

Do you remember being able to take time out to be ill?  It seems to be a dying art these days.  Even as the health professionals remind us to keep our germs at home, we do our utmost to keep on keepin' on.  Those days of being pale and interesting in a beautiful hand-knitted bed jacket are definitely gone.  I was trying to keep going while I suffered this time and may have been pale but not too interesting.  Having a nurse at my side wasn't an option either.

 I look at this photo and am stunned to realize that that little girl is now quite a bit older than the mom in the photo. 


Annie said...

Welcome back, Stephanie. Very glad to read that you are on the mend. I see you had a delightful little helper too. Hope that book she is reading to you is a good one.

Mimi said...

Good to see you back, and hope you're feeling much better now. There have been some really nasty viruses this winter.
I've been MIA too, end of school year left me way too busy, but as of today, we're on summer hols, so I shall be back. I've about 10 posts in my head!

Empty Nester said...

Love it! Sounds like you and I came down with the same darn thing. The cough has subsided greatly with me but it still acts up at night and in the morning. I'm sick of it. LOL

Joanna said...

I remember being so sick once when my little one was crawling that I just lay down under the table and let him crawl all over me. Glad you're back on your feet.


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