Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday Stash

I'm sneaking away from the kitchen to post this.  We're having family for a BBQ dinner tonight and things must be done.  But I do have a kind of discipline and I told myself that when two salads were completed, I could do this.  Obviously not a lot of knitting going on right now.

This is one of the lace inserts for my blue pullover.  Doesn't really look like much does it?  I have to graft the live stitches to the two shoulders and then figure out what that tab thingie is for.  The neck, I think.  These inserts don't take long but they're fiddly.  They are knit in the the round like a doily. 

And because I have need more stash help,  here is a baby cardi.  Sharp eyes will recognize this as the remnant from my garden sweater.  I picked out a pattern that was a gansey pullover and promptly changed just about everything.  The gansey design became cables.  The bottom edge became garter stich.  The whole thing is also to be made into a cardi as I didn't like the pullover neckline.  I think I'm not anywhere near Kansas now.

And that's all for today.  I have my eye on a couple of patterns from the latest Love of Knitting mag but I think I have to finish at least one project first.  Oh, and I have my red sock still to finish.  It involves squinting at the chart on my laptop which seems to be a barrier right now.  But, never fear, there is always more yarn, more patterns and just as little time. 


Sue H said...

I'm intrigued by the blue 'inserts' - hope you'll show us the finished item? :-)

Rudee said...

I'm intrigued, too.

Sorry I've not been around so much. I've been out of town in an area with really crummy internet signals. It's good to finally be home.

Mimi said...

I really admire your discipline Stephanie!
I'm also intrigued by the blue inserts, can't wait to see it finished!
enjoy your BBQ


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