Sunday, May 12, 2013

Two Trees; One Ring

I waited and waited for a good moment to take the photos.  It's raining today after a lo-ong spell of summery sunshine.  The plants are very happy and growing but it is very hard to take comparative pictures. 

The maple has sprouted four grown-up looking leaves where there was only one last week.  If I hadn't had the branch marked, I would have been lost as to where I should be shooting.  Even then, I couldn't believe that the leaves looked so very, very different this week.

My umbrella-holding assistant was relieved not to be asked to climb after me when i went after the copper beech.  I have always had to climb over a bank of ground-cover to get to it.  But the ground-cover (geranium macrorhizome) is now at it's most splendid.  The leaves have shot up over a foot and the blossoms are a good bit taller than that.  Those leaves hold the rain so well and I got just a little wet.

But nevergive up.  Intrepid lady explorers must not worry about a drenching when on a mission.  Here is my trophy.  Definitely, a "my how you've grown!" moment.  There is no sign of the chrysalis at all now.  And clearly there were several leaves hiding inside.  Nature is amazing.

Elsewhere in the garden, I found the snow peas and mange-tout growing happily in the rain.  I can't wait to sample them.


Empty Nester said...

So pretty! It must be quite lush up there what with all that rain! So many changes in the trees! Now you need to do a post with just the pictures from the first to now.

Rachel Cotterill said...

Oh, those peas will be so wonderful in harvest season :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, incredible difference.


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