Friday, March 21, 2008


Yesterday, we went to the Vancouver Museum's exhibit "La Belle Epoque". Well, that was the destination but, along the way, we also saw a BC Craft exhibit. And had a walk through Granville Island.

The Craft show was well worthwhile and started in an auspicious way with a prayer sent via the gong which has been made from a pressure tank (propane, probably) and mounted with two wonderful slabs of wood. Made a great sound. And led on to wonderful handwork. I was particularly impressed with a black leather crow. To be honest, while I admired a great many pieces at the time, they are all a blur in my memory. Obviously, I need to go back! So not fair to the artists to come away and not be able to sort out the brain jumble.

The fashions were fabulous although I'm quite happy not to have to lace myself into one of those corsets. One had such a narrow waist it was unbelievable that it was for an adult. But the workmanship, the detail and the fabrics. Who would want to take care of these dresses in today's world? Who could afford the hand-worked lace and trims? The clothes from the end of the period reminded me of a series called "House of Elliot" that I enjoyed on PBS about 20 years ago. The elegantly-cut and detailed ( just as labor-intensive) styling appealed to me over the masses of lace and beads from the earlier years.

Great fish and chips off the dock for lunch. A walk through Granville Island. What more could one ask of a day?

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