Saturday, March 8, 2008


Here's me with my tai chi sword. This move is called 'immortal fairy points the way'. This is a new bit of tai chi learning for me and so far it's fun. The names are even more beautiful than in the 37 form I've learned. I'll try to add a link so you can see all the poetic names for the moves.

I thought I had a picture of my sword but I guess it didn't get downloaded. Or more likely it was misfiled. I'll look later.

Buying the sword was an adventure although we didn't think it would be. We had planned a trip to Chinatown to a recommended store. Thought we could make a day and have some good food and shopping. But that didn't happen. So, on to Plan B: a little quicker and using the car instead of the bus. Probably just as well - who wants to be on the bus with a sword?

Here's a picture: two middle-aged women walk into a storefront with heavy-duty boxing gear displayed in the window. The store guy is very helpful and we look at all kinds of wooden swords. Then he starts asking technical questions like, which master are you studying with? And, which forms have you studied? Yikes! How to feel really stupid!

But I have my lovely sword. I try to think of it as ceremonial and not a weapon. Me, who wouldn't even let my kids have water guns. I have a lo-ong way to go before I'm a threat to anyone.

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Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

Michael enjoyed using the staff with Tai Chi. It has been a long time since I went to class.


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