Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rugs and dolls

Been a busy week - or more. The rug finally was finished and sent off to its auction. I'm told the auction was a success as was the rug. I really enjoyed working on this one. The bright butterflies were a great preview of summer days and warm nights.

The first doll project was the 'reborn' CP Kid who was going in a silent auction. The request was for a skateboarding girl with piercings and dyed hair. But, in the end I couldn't find a skateboard to use with the doll so I changed her to a little girl with big 'skater grrl' aspirations. A black T-shirt with a tie-dyed peace sign applique and hand-made leather 'board' shoes. Even hand-knit socks. She was quite cute and eventually went home with a 6 year old girl. Nice.

Then all the babies and Barbies that needed to be washed and dressed and have a visit with the hairdresser. Then they go back to the thrift store for sale. Thanks to all the donors who help to brighten my day as well as that of other kids. It's fun but time-consuming.

And now I get to design another rug - or maybe another quilt square.

Oh, and I've discovered soakers to knit for all the new babies this year. So far, there are four in my world. Soakers are just such a lovely way to keep baby dry with an older, earth-friendly technology. And much softer and kinder to little bottoms than plastic!

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Paws on the Run said...

I'd love to see a picture of the skater grrl!


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