Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sad tale

Well, it could be a sad tale. Remember those soakers? I have now knit 4 pairs in varying sizes. The little green chicken pants, two pair of traditional old-fashioned soakers like I used to wear (see photo) and a Curly Purly pair large enough for DGS. He was the catalyst for this marathon of soakerism. On Sunday, I proudly presented my offering. But the leg opening was just too tight. Everything else was OK but the poor little guy was NOT happy with such a snug fit! So I am back to the needles and working up another, larger pair. New babies everywhere so no soaker will go unused.

And, I have finished another swap mat. These are fun and quick. And I get to play a bit with color and texture. This one is from two wool jackets - I've put pieces of the original fabric in the photo. I just never know what something is going to look like when it's hooked in. But I've done enough straight lines, the next square will be a bit more curvaceous.

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Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

I must admit the new soaker would fit a variety of leg sizes. That is such a traditional pair. I didn't know that babies were back into soakers. I like the new swap mat, the grey herringbone, certainly looks different when hooked.


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