Friday, July 11, 2008

Eek! A steek!

Frogging was going so well and the weather was so nice. I had just finished the black/fuschia sweater outside where the fibers wouldn't bother anyone. Now, all I have to do is skein, wash and dry the yarn. Sunshine is good for all that, too.

I was having such a good time, I decided to frog another sweater that someone had given me for rug hooking. The knitting was actually too heavy to be fulled for hooking. But the sweater was a beautiful Fair Isle yoke design in blues on an off-white body that I thought would make lovely soakers for the babies. The yarn was a lovely soft shetland wool. Perfect.

I stated to take it apart and was horrified to find that this sweater had been done in a very traditional way for this style of knitting. It had been steeked. There were no intact edges anywhere and each row would just come off as a single piece of yarn. Now, I have spent time in the past carefully knotting each piece as I knit. But, I guess I'm too old now and have way too much stash to fuss with it no matter how perfect it could be. Since I hadn't destroyed the sweater, it could be recycled in another way. So be it.

I am mourning the loss, though.

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