Thursday, July 3, 2008

Frog heaven

This really is a good frog session...

I found a really nice wool sweater today which had some unfortunate raggy ends on the bottom ribbing. I have spent 2 hours taking it apart and I have yarn wound from the neckband and half a sleeve. This may take longer than I thought - and will probably need four hands. The sweater was knit with a strand of black worsted and a strand of fuschia lace weight. Of course, I'm separating the strands.

I've got it down to a system but it would be better if there was another person working on half the yarn. I've been frogging, then separating then winding each yarn into a ball. Surprisingly, I haven't had a lot of tangles. But, my arms are tired now. Resting for the night...I'll seek out a peaceful tree branch or maybe a lily pad.

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