Saturday, July 12, 2008

Farms, music and garage sales

This is what baby goats do when they have an audience. This kid was happily munching at the bits of straw which were stuck on mom's hair.
We went with Becky & Charlie to visit the animals. Charlie loved the rabbits and Becky was happy patting the sheep. Maybe a future spinner/knitter? We also liked the colorful birds although, strictly speaking, they aren't farm animals. But there they were and the macaw said 'hello' to us much to Charlie's surprise. After the farm, we came home to eat our picnic lunch. It was hot and we'd walked and looked long enough.

Last night, we went to the first ever free concert at the new Lynn Valley Village Center. It was a rousing set of R&B a la Blues Bros delivered by Jake and Elwood. Lots of fun and lots of people. The weather was perfect: hot and summer-y and party inspiring. The little girls (about 5 years old) were having a great time dancing at the front of the stage for most of the hour-long set..

We noted that most folks had brought their own chairs and since we were close to the shops, ran in and bought a couple (on sale, wahoo!) to tale home with us. We figured we'd know if we could carry them comfortably on the walk to and from the event. Success - and readiness for next Friday night.

This morning, we started really early on the huge list of garage sales listed. Our first two yielded lots of interesting stuff. Then it wasn't as good until the end. And I bought a Barbie cruise ship! I had to have it...we think it would make a good 'bank' to encourage donations to our cruise fund LOL No plans but best to be prepared, right?

Oh, and I got lots of Barbie clothes and - best part - a bag of shoes.

We've been home washing and finding storage for the rest of the day.

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