Friday, October 9, 2009

Counting blessings

Yesterday, I was listening to my little grandson, Charlie, play with a bunch of very lifelike plastic animals.  He would dive in to the container and come up with a random creature who would then become the main character in his improvised song.  He has such a beautiful singing voice.

It occurred to me that I come from a family of singers with talent ranging from good to excellent.  I was the only one to get my mother's less than tuneful genes. Neither of us could carry a tune at all.  So, of course, I have always wished that I could sing well, too.  It has never stopped me from singing but I have been asked to not sing - mostly by my kids.  And I know that there are a few kids out there who have learned  off-key versions of songs that I have taught to the  Brownies or kids in the daycare. I absolutely love to belt out a song.

But listening to Charlie, I started to wonder how hard I really wished for it.  I thought of all the talents that I have been given and for which I am very thankful.  What if there was only a certain number of talents that I was allowed to have?  And what if I was given the rather Faustian opportunity to exchange one of these talents for a beautiful singing voice?

It didn't take  long to realize that there was nothing I could choose to give up.  Changing even one would make me a very different person.  Of course, it's just a question.  It did make me think hard about what makes me unique, though.

I love the sound of the mallards quacking.  It isn't music exactly, but it's unique.  And it makes me smile.  I'm content to listen to others sing as long as I can still quack along.


J Diva said...

I would love it if you quacked with me any day!!!

Lindy MacDuff said...

I LOVE hearing the ducks quack. To me, it sounds like they are laughing, and it is a joyful sound.

P.S., I can't sing, either.

Angie said...

Charlie sounds like he may be a budding composer - keep quacking!

Rudee said...

My son used to cry when I sang lullabies. Really. I'd fix that by putting a Ray Charles album on for both of us. When I sang along with Ray, he didn't cry.

I can cook, tell a story, knit and I'm a damned good nurse. I'll have to settle for that.

Mimi said...

Stephanie, kids always ask their Mums not to sing, so pass no heed of that.
But more important, you enjoy singing, so go for it.
Have you ever thought of going for voice training? My brother did, and says it did wonders for him.
I too love to sing, especially when I'm alone in the car!

riversideglen said...

So true. We dont get to pick our talents but we sure can enjoy others with the talents we dont seem to have in abundance. Keep on singing Charlie. It is a wonderful gift!


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