Thursday, October 8, 2009

Knit along

An update on the Farmer's Market Cardigan.  It really doesn't look like much right now.  I've finished the 'shell' of the sweater and there's only the trim left to do.

I started that the other night and I'm not sure it's going the way it should.  It's the bit on the needles right's a closer-up photo.

It just doesn't look right to me.  So, I'm back to the sock for a while.  While we both hibernate, I'm sure everything will become clear.  So far, with this pattern that has been the norm.  When something seems counter-intuitive, it's because I'm looking at it wrong.  My knitter's intuition needs to be prodded a little. 

Meanwhile we'll have a houseful of company for a few days.  A sock is the only social knitting I can manage. 


Mimi said...

Funny how, after a break, all can become clear!
I'm presuming the housefull is for Anne's Mum- hoping that all goes ok for you.

Rose said...

Mimi's right; remember the last time a section confused you? You got it right away. Glad to know you're coming along. I'm getting ready to do waist shaping; working is really cutting into my knitting time :)

Rudee said...

Oh! I'm so excited! I'm sure that with time, all will be made clear.

I hope all are doing well in your home. That's such a lot to go through.


Stephanie V said...

Thanks for all your good wishes.


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