Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Getting ready

Now that all the company has gone,  Anne is pricing the many items that will be on offer at the antique and collectible sale that she organizes.  These are items that are donated to the thrift store and which are too nice to be sold for 50 cents or a dollar.  This is the second year she's done this and it's interesting how the mix of items and the quantities change.   This year books and jewellry are down a bit but the linens are huge.

They were all spread out on the couch this morning and set into categories.  I haven't even included the embroidered tablecloths, napkins, pillowcases and tray cloths here.  Some of the doilies along the back are 10 deep.  There are several potholders and this lovely apron which I would never wear for fear of ruining it.  It's been nicely starched and pressed, ready for a party.

That dinner party would definitely be served on a table covered with this beautiful tablecloth all hand crocheted in ecru cotton.

There were a couple of interesting piles of 60's and 70's work which was made in the colored cottons that were popular then.

And remember these little crocheted hats?  I have no idea of their purpose other than decorative.  It couldn't be used as a doily since the hat crown is stuffed.

And I've saved the best piece to the last.  As soon as I picked it up, I could see that it was different from all the others.  The feel and drape make it silk.  And it's been crocheted so finely.  It looks handmade and is very lovely despite needing a bit of ironing. I wonder how old it is?

I know that none of these pieces will ever fetch the money they deserve. Many of the doilies will probably be used in other crafts.   The amount of work in a doily is more than I spend knitting a pair of socks.  I know because I've made a few doilies - in my crochet days.  I still have an unfinished tablecloth that will be my daughter's some day.  If she still wants it, that is. And if I finish it. 


Rudee said...

Everything is so beautiful. I can see where it would be hard to part with them! Maybe she should try to sell them on ebay.

Joanna said...

What a beautiful collection of handiwork you have there.
Seen all together is amazing and makes makes me think of all the hours that went into the creation of these doilies. I like to think of them brand new and loved and used as they were long ago. But it's nice than Anne is going to be able to present them nicely for your sale and maybe they'll go to good homes--some of them at least. The table cloth is beautiful. I can't think what those little hats would be used for though.

Angie said...

Hope it all goes well, I'm sure everything will be snapped up.

Andrea said...

You've started it? Keep on truckin'! :)

Lindy MacDuff said...

DO finish that tablecloth for your daughter. I have an afghan made from woven loom squares that my father started to make for me right before he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Though he completed a good portion, he was not able to finish it, and I don't know how to read the pattern to make the remaining squares. :(

That tablecloth is gorgeous! I have three or four that my mother and maternal grandmother made. I love displaying them on my antique dining table. I just love seeing all these crocheted items you've displayed - brings back happy memories! I hope the buyers appreciate them.

Stephanie V said...

Andrea - I started it years ago. That kind of hibernation sounds like a UFO. I haven't given up.

I'm looking forward to seeing an empty table where the linens were displayed.

Mimi said...

Stephanie, these are beautiful! Makes me want to get on a plane and come over for the sale. Rudee is right- Anne should sell them on ebay.I've no crocheted things, but some embroidered traycloths.
Put me down for one if they don't sell: I promise I'd give it a good home.

Stephanie V said...

I'll remember that, Mimi. There is no great place to sell this stuff anymore - not even ebay. The market has been saturated for a while now. And, have you noticed how most of our kids (my dd excepted) don't really want all that stuff that Grandma thought was so important to a genteel home? Like linens, silver and china.


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