Thursday, August 19, 2010


It's cloudy today.  After the scorching heat of the past few days, it seems quite cold here.

But there are some happy gains to the cool, gray day:

No noisy fan at night - one good night's sleep!

The ability to do more than break into a sweat at the idea of moving!

And, best of all, a breeze.  This is my view this morning as I'm typing - the screen on the window makes a soft focus.  The breeze is bringing in the scent of these pretty pink roses.  It's very strong today and I haven't noticed it at all during the heat wave.  Do you think if that's because it's cool or because the air is actually moving now?


Rudee said...

If I close my eyes and imagine, I can smell those gorgeous roses through my computer.

I wish!

Enjoy the break in the weather. It's supposed to heat up and be sticky again around these parts.

Ginny said...

The roses and the breeze, plus a bit of blogging, sounds like an almost perfect day. So glad it's cooled down for you.

Anonymous said...

We are enjoying the cooler temperatures and the breeze yesterday was lovely.

EG Wow said...

That looks like a rugosa shrub rose and nothing has a nicer aroma. I have a rugosa in my yard too and the bees cannot resist it, which is great because they fertilize the flower for large rose hips to grow.

Glad the heat has left. I hope the B.C. wildfires are now under control!

jeannette said...

Happy for some relief in the weather! That's why I love roses and flowers; soft sweet fragrances more distinct when it's cooler.

Mimi said...

Your rose bush looks beautiful, Stephanie, and I can just imagine that lovely scent!
The absence of scent during your hot spell is most likely that the oil on the petals has evaporated by the heat of the sun. In aromatherapy, roses have to be harvested early morning to avoid this.
I've been away (again! making hay while the sun shines, or while the summer is here),and it's lovely to come back to such a pretty post. I'll be posting tomorrow about my trip..

Lindy MacDuff said...

That's a beautiful view out your window. I can imagine how pleasant it must be to have the breeze bringing in the scent of the roses. =)
It's been beastly hot and humid here, so I can relate to the enjoyment of no noisy fan at night!


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