Monday, August 2, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday

Look WA-A-Ay up!  And think BIG!

Remember that shrouded ship-building crane I showed a few weeks back?  Here it is out of it's paint overall and shining for the world to see.  This is at the historic shipyard site on North Vancouver's waterfront. 

These are the wheel housings that allowed the crane to move along rails.  I think they might be even more interesting than the crane.

Today is Mellow Yellow Monday.  Find out more here at Drowsey Monkey's place.


Ginny said...

Both pictures are equally interesting to me. But wow, whoever thought of painting that equipment that color was so inspired!! A bit of cheeriness and joy when they are doing a dirty job!

Rose said...

Cool photos, cheery color! Like the new header too!

Rudee said...

It looks like a robot from Transformers. Very cool!


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