Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday wonder - U

U is for Up - and running.

Here is the new floor that went in yesterday.   The walls have been repainted and we're ready to move all the furniture back in.   Alex and Maria got it all done in one afternoon.  One long - and very hot - afternoon.

Grammy and Anne were in charge of keeping the kids amused, cool and, most important, out of the way.  We read stories, and walked to the cool, air-conditioned mall to play with the toy store's toys and read some books in the cool library.  Then we visited the water park, picked blackberries for our dessert and had a swing in the playground.

Back home again, the packing boxes from the flooring were ready to be decorated and become doors with windows, or whatever else you could imagine. 

We all were tired and hot but we tried very hard to stay cheerful.  There were some pretty sound sleeps last night. 


Ginny said...

The floor looks beautiful! Is that laminate that looks like wood? We want that for our kitchen, it will not scratch like vinyl. The kids are just so cute! What a wonderful day you gave them. I bet they wish you would have a room painted every week!

Paws on the Run said...

It looks great! And I'm glad I'm not the only one with 101 cords everywhere! With so many "wireless" devices, why are there more wires than ever?!

Rudee said...

A floor and the painting all in one day? Send those two my way. I contract them to do my yarn room, and then some. Wow! It looks great.

Stephanie V said...

Thanks. It's nice to have it like new! Bookcases and cupboards are back now but not filled up yet.

Ginny - yes, it's laminate flooring. Very tough stuff but it looks good. We've installed four rooms' worth ourselves (previous years) but this wasn't something we wanted to tackle right now.

Rudee - painting was done last week. Only the floor was done's a job all in itself.

April said...

I'm glad I stopped in to see your newly renovated computer room. Very nice with the laminate flooring and all. A full and fun day!

jeannette said...

What are granny's for? Good job, Valerie!:)
Agree with Rudee -all in one day is awesome!

SquirrelQueen said...

I love that floor, that's what I need to do in my office. It does sound like everyone had a very busy day.

Mimi said...

Floor is lovely- I love wood floors, so easy to keep.
Good days work, and you did a good job of keeping the "littlies" amused.

Lindy MacDuff said...

Your office update turned out very nice! Nothing better than a smooth floor for chairs on wheels. Don't forget to put on your brakes! =D


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