Saturday, December 4, 2010

Five Easy Pieces

I think I've overdone the 2x2 ribbing.  At least for a while.  The bias band is not looking as I think it should and I'm not totally thrilled with my gray cardi.  I've put it in a clear (trying prevent UFO-itis) plastic bag while I decide if it should be frogged or not.  Don't want to make a hasty decisions as there's a lot of pain knitting here.

But, to amuse myself while I finish some smaller projects, I'll be dreaming of the Project Yarnway Final Challenge.  I know, I know.  I thought I'd kind of given up on this design lark.

But, really, I can be seduced by flattery facts.  I noticed that I had actually made the cut for actually participating in the Final.  Anyone will tell you I'm no good with math and apparently can't even count to 5.  But I've done five design challenges and that gets me in!   OK, they changed the rules a little at the end but I was in before that.  So, how can I refuse such an invitation?

The challenge is to create a five-piece collection by the end of February.  I don't need to do a skirt, pulli, cardi, tights and a hat - nothing that huge.  I could do that.  But hey!  let's be real.  I'm thinking some working girl accessories.  What were you thinking?  No, no, I mean a laptop case, cell holder, coffee cup sleeve...that kind of thing.

But the days are still so young...I have lots of time to think about this project.  Meantime, I have a quilt that badly needs to be finished. Getting it all sandwiched together is the hardest job of all.  Then I can root through my stash.


Ginny said...

What a beautiful quilt! I don't think I knew that you quilt as well! Hey, what about a cell phone holder with a little strap with a button that you can hook around your purse strap?

Rudee said...

You quilt, too? How did I miss that? It's a beautiful quilt you offer up so modestly.

I think you can absolutely compete and win in Project Yarnway!

Maria said...

I love your quilts. It is bedtime, and I know that there is one on my bed just waiting to snuggle up with :)

Stephanie V said...

Thanks, Rudee. This quilt has been hibernating for a while now...time to take it out and finish it. As for Yarnway, I'll be glad to just enter something.

Maria - I glad your quilt is still snuggle-y.

Ginny - all ideas are up for grabs at this moment.

Anonymous said...

Great ideas for yarnway. You lasted longerand had more success in that challenge than I did. You are a winner in my book. Love the quilt top as well, great colours.

Gill - That British Woman said...

love your quilt, great colour combination.



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