Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Out of the mist

I seem to be really making progress now.  The pain is almost a memory and I can walk, stand, sit without wanting to shift around every two seconds. 

I sort of hoped that I would get lots of knitting done once I decided to abandon the idea of doping the pain.  But the mushy head has persisted until today.  I had a cardi on the needles that I figured would be a cakewalk - is there some metaphor confusion there? - since it's essentially a 2x2 rib throughout.  I can do that without much brain power, thinks I. 

And, so I could.  I jogged along quite nicely - even remembering to get the buttonholes where they should be.  This is a DROPS design - 57-5,  in fact.  I am very attracted to simplicity - probably because my cluttered mind needs soothing - and this pattern offered up the simplest instructions I've ever seen in a pattern.  Oh, wait.  Can you see that swerve in the ribbing?  That was why I liked the pattern but it's a nasty slippery trick to play on someone who's head is softly floating in the clouds. 

I have frogged and tinked twice trying to get it right.  It looks like it sort of should now and I'm not doing it again.  We're talking very unbulky yarn here. 

But I am getting better.  I'm sure having something to swear at concentrate on has helped to clear the cobwebs away.


Joanna said...

Glad you're starting to feel better Stephanie. It's awful when your brain is full of cobwebs and you're in pain!

Ginny said...

i'm glad to see this post and that you're getting better. I almost e-mailed you today to see how you were doing. The fuzzy head is from pain meds?

Rudee said...

Oh, dear. Tell me it's the meds and you didn't hurt your noggin.

I like your sweater and my money is on you to conquer the pattern.

Stephanie V said...

Yeah, it was the meds. Even having none since Saturday, it took this long to clear the brain.

Mimi said...

Poor you, foggy brain is not nice.
Your knitting does look fabulous, even if you've had to tweak it.
I have to scroll back now to see what this pain is about, I missed that post.

Anonymous said...

Good news - must feels so good ;-)


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