Thursday, December 9, 2010

Where was I?

I didn't mean to be away so long.  What the heck happened?

I've not been shovelling snow but there's been a thundering buckets of rain!  Although, as any Vancouverite will tell you, that's a whole lot better than the same amount of snow.  Of course, the wheels come right off here when that kind of snow happens.

How much rain?  Well, I received not one, but two, umbrellas for my birthday.  Apparently, choosing a color was difficult.  I'm glad - I love both of 'em. And they'll keep me nice and dry.  And happy, too.

Then, I have had a few meetings.  Who makes this week in December so busy with momentous decisions? Oh!  I guess I did that. 

I've had a lot of dollies, Barbies and Bratz to clean up and dress for the thrift store.  Knitting and quilting on the go...and I picked up the new Interweave Knits mag yesterday.  I'm scared to look at it too closely. 

I've missed everybody so I'll have to go round and catch up. 


Ginny said...

What a cute scene with you peeking out between those big beautiful umbrellas! Oh, and now I get to see you as a buisness woman! All meetings should be cancelled for the month of December! Phil has one tonight ans he is not going! Glad you're back!!

jeannette said...

Yeah, don't look too closely at the new Knit Mag. till your work is done:)

cindy said...

I don't know I think I'd rather snow than rain, but then I'll reconsider when it starts to snow, lol.

Nice umbrella's, oh and Happy Birthday... oh it was probably months ago and you just mentioned it now, thats ok.

Go ahead look at the mag, you know you will find another project.

Rudee said...

I like both umbrellas. You're right, it's better to have rain than snow. We're getting an Alberta clipper tonight, followed by a bigger snowstorm Sunday. I have to go buy a shovel.

Mimi said...

Missed you too, Stephanie.
How's your back?
I'd prefer snow to rain any day, but I hate when it turns to ice.
Love your two umbrellas. I'll pass on your email to my niece, thanks very much for the offer, she left today, she'll have a ball, I'm sure.

Gill - That British Woman said...

you do realize that saying you don't have snow, means a bucket load will fall for you!!!

I will say I would prefer rain at this moment to all this snow.



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