Saturday, December 18, 2010


The mitts with buttons are finished.  They did get to be full-grown mittens after all. 

I kind of thought they were headed for the gift box, but no!  they've found a home. My hand model  decided that she liked them for herself.  And the hat.

Is it safe to come out now?

Ha!  Gotcha!


Rudee said...

What a beautiful set! I completely understand a little larceny in a case like this.

cindy said...

Lucky hand model, they are a very nice set. Buttons, buttons, buttons

Ginny said...

They are TOO cute!! And buttons to match the coat, as well!!

Mimi said...

"I'll be your hand model, i'll be your hand model, I'll..."

They look so cosy, as the wind howls through the gaps in our floorboards!
Great job, Stephanie!

EmptyNester said...

Sure could use you down here to assist with some fingerless gloves. Oh, and that other sock! LOL

The mittens and hat are lovely!

Catherine said...

Stephanie this is a lovely set! I would want to keep it too! So enjoy it - really lovely mossy or blackberry like stitch! I've been crocheting a nice scarf kinda coral-reefy curly one. ran it up in a couple of hours.
Will post it I think!Happy Christmas and New Year.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I just love them, she is a very lucky lady and you are a very kind person.....



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