Friday, April 26, 2013

Fifty Fridays #35

This morning I was looking for a spring-time photo to share.  I found this one of my Uncle Howard when he was about five. 

It would have been around 1920 and before my mother was born.  He is the brother closest in age to my Mom and the one who, I think, looks the most like her.  There is always a bit of mischief in his eye and the grin is never far away even when the face is serious.  My mother was the same.

It looks as though he's in the tomato garden and the sun is shining so warmly.  So, maybe it's really summer.  I believe this would have been taken at his mother's family farm on the Gulf Shore of Nova Scotia.  But I'm not sure and there is no one who could verify this for me now. 

I went back to the box of photos - this one is on a CD - to see if I could make out more detail.  Like:  is that a line of washing to the right of the building?  Or is it a fence?  And is that a person on the right edge of the photo?  Having a white fence would give it a more town-y location than a farm, I think.   I didn't find this one before I found some that I've never copied onto the disc.  They must arrived after that phase of the project was done.  I'm still looking for the original of this, though.   


Joanna said...

That's such an iconic photograph Steph. The boy in the garden with the little wheelbarrow and the shingled cottage behind with laundry (yes I think it is!) flapping on the line.

Cindy said...

I love B&W photos, it is special to have the memories. I have a collection of them and I do the same thing is return to them and read the backs. We are in trouble now as we don't print as many photos as before now that everything is digital. The wheel barrel is so suited to the era.
Have a good weekend

Mimi said...

Cute little boy, who looks happy to be in the garden helping out.
I think it's a fence; the top looks too even to be clothes, and I think the unevenness on the bottom of that line is grass, not clothes.


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