Sunday, April 21, 2013

Two Trees; One Ring

Oh!  I've just been out to take my tree photos this morning.  It's amazing the changes in two weeks.  I feel as though I've missed an important milestone while I was away last weekend.  You know - like if the baby learned to talk or took its first steps. 

Maple tree has really made great headway.  The leaves are actually looking like leaves on the top storey of the tree.  But my little branch is doing so well, isn't it?

Even copper beech has done a great thing.  The bud doesn't appear too much more advanced but, can you see the big, big change?  Yes!  The old leaves beside the bud have fallen off.  Finally!

Elsewhere in the garden, spring is trying to do more than creep.  My favorite rhododendrons are both out and shouting the news. 

I love the way the pale pink one begins dark and turns almost white.

But those lemon-y bells are gorgeous in their own dainty way.

Everything is pushing up and out of the ground.   Blossom buds are everywhere in evidence.  Next week should be really exciting. 


Anonymous said...

My first thought was big changes in the leaves. We always did want to see changes right away.

Angie said...

Spring has sprung!! Your garden looking 'blooming' good!

Mimi said...

Yup! It's spring all right.
I love the excitement of seeing plants push through the ground. Love that rhododendron picture, beautiful shades of pink.

Joanna said...

Nice to see that spring is arriving in Vancouver. I've been away (in Tucson) so missed some of it. Not complaining though. I think I must have the same Rhodo as you, the one that starts pink and turns white. Guess it will be out when I get back tonight.

Susan Kane said...

Never has spring been so welcome! Lovely photos.

Rachel Cotterill said...

It's so nice that you're cataloging it. I might have to try that next year, it's a lovely idea :)

Rudee said...

I like the socks. I know what you mean about venturing away from the tried and true. From now on, I'm sticking with the way I usually do toes on socks.

Can't wait to see that denim yarn all knit up.

J.G. said...

So beautiful! I love how changes always become apparent when we look closely . . . or when we miss a couple of days and then wow.


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